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Flux Aura – Turku, Finland June 2011

Written by Heath on March 14th, 2012

Turku was the capital of culture in Finland in 2011, and this project was run in conjunction with Mum’s (my Finnish and Swedish agent/distributor) and the city of Turku.


We set up ‘shop’ in the street outside the modern art museum on the River Aura in Turku, and allowed the public walking past to make and attach plastic components to some wire ball structures we had pre-assembled.


It was wild.


Some people sat with us for a whole day. Some astonishing creations were made and attached to our structures… see the pictures for yourself…


The end result was that these  balls were installed for 3 months on a bridge over the Aura River during the beautiful long days of summer in Finland. Public art by the public for the public – in conjunction with the Nash and Mums of course!


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